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''NYDJ jeans', by Not Your Daughter's Jeans, are quite frankly the 'jeans' that every women has been looking for. Reviewed by the press and fashion industry, and praised by women all over the world as jeans that give you your figure back.
Look and feel one size smaller!
LA Splash Magazine
"Get skinny on The Jeans You Won't Be Able to Live Without"
Never has there been a product that empowered women to look and feel their best the way NYDJ Jeans does.  NYDJ addresses
problem areas that women across all body types, ages and ethnicities have. Praised by celebrities and real women galore.
Never has there been a product that empowered women to look and feel their best the way NYDJ Jeans does.  NYDJ addresses
Say goodbye love handles that spill over restricting waistlines and derriere-revealing low riders.
Hilary Fashion - (North America's Most Popular Online Women's Magazine)
"Finally I fit in ......... in jeans that actually fit"
Just as I was about to throw in the towel – the denim towel – I was introduced to a new brand of jeans – NYDJ. As the name might suggest, these aren't jeans designed for the 14-18 age demographic, or for the metabolically fortunate size 0s. Designed for women with curves, but with the same sex appeal as any famous brand, this line of denim can cure even the most severe case of jean envy.
Fashion United - (UK Fashion Industry Business Network)
"The pair of jeans you have always dreamed of"
"Finding the perfect pair of jeans is, for many women, a harrowing experience. There is now a solution to that problem: NYDJ!
The tummy is subtly corrected, the buttocks are elegantly lifted and love-handles are optically camouflaged. The result? You look
slimmer and sexier, and can even wear a size smaller. And who doesn't want all that? It is remarkable but true: the vast majority of
the women who tried on NYDJ denim were immediately hooked."
The Times
"They are far and away the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn"
Firstly, they make your legs look longer. Really. How? I probably wouldn’t be sticking my neck out if I suggested that it has something
to do with the cut. Secondly, they make them look slimmer. And this I can explain, because I have experienced at first hand the
suction power of the stretch denim they use, which incorporates a patented “criss-cross panel”. Suffice to say they’re so stretchy you
could use them as a hammock, but don’t, because that same suction that lifts your bottom and makes it considerably perter than it
has for some time.
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